Pendant Lights & Lampshades

How can we light our spaces so that they feel good? Overhead lighting matters! We have to see clearly but don't need interrogation lighting and we also want to feel comfortable. This is where One Foot Taller's hanging lights are useful. Ethel, Polly and Etheletta pendant lighting ranges allow generous amounts of light to shine through them as well as providing a calm and peaceful ambience. Their simple and elegant forms also make them ideal lasting pieces in any home.

Pendant lights can provide mood: hung low with a focused light these hanging lights tend to bring a dramatic mood; high with diffuse light all around normally means uplifting, and a combination of the two can bring a some drama with a little comfort!

If luxurious handmade glass is for you then the beautifully mouth-blown Waisted and Bell ranges could be the right pendant light fittings for you. Solid forms, simple but not overly modern, they suit both contemporary and traditional interiors with either braided or smooth cable possibilities.

These pendant light fittings can be beautiful and useful task lights too (imagine 3 white Waisted pendant lights above a kitchen island), or general lighting (down an entrance hall) or even pendant light fittings as mood lights (a teal Bell 3-drop suspension hanging low above a dining table for an intimate feel). These unique glass pieces are simple but rich pendant lighting and give a solid, quality feel to any space.

Have a browse, choose if it's easy or get in touch for advice using the contact page!