Polly Standard Lampshade


This shade is a voluminous classic form, large enough to be impressive without being too much! Polly has a nice solid quality, and can be used as a large central pendant in homes, or as a calm ball-shade in large open spaces. Nice in groups too, - three in a row in a dining room or a cascading cluster of 6 in a reception area. The even, all over glow means that it looks good when seen from above as well as from below.

Made in UK by a small, quality manufacturer.

For bulb recommendations please see the 'which bulb... quelle ampoule?' page.
Comes with attachment hole suitable for E27 fitting plus reducer in UK to fit B22 fitting.

Materials: Polyethylene

Dims: 45cm dia x 37.5cm high

Standard lead time 3 weeks. One Foot Taller products are made, or finished, to order in small factories and workshops in Scotland and France.

Thanks to MONOQI for their photos.


L'abat-jour ‘Polly Standard'

Sa lumière reposante et uniforme évite l’éblouissement par l’ampoule.

Idéal pour de grands espaces (plus de 100m2 ) comme les halls d'entrée de bâtiment public, salle de conférence.

Fourni sans cable.

Douille recommandée: E27 avec bague.

Ampoule recommandée: rendez-vous sur la page 'which bulb   ...   quelle ampoule?' 

Uniquement en blanc.


DIAM 45cm x H 37.5cm

Délai 3 semaines. One Foot Taller produits sont fait sur commande dans l'atelier en France ou la petite usine en Ecosse.

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