Long Drop Lighting, Chandeliers

What does long drop lighting mean? Big or long feature lighting for stairwells, reception areas or even large spacious living spaces! Sometimes feature lighting like this is called a chandelier and I suppose they are chandeliers in the broadest sense of the word - something with 'several parts for holding different lights or candles'. They don't hold candles but then not many chandeliers do these days. They do hold lights up in numbers which give the same kind of celebratory feel as the rings of suspended candles in a chandelier! These pieces and similar bespoke suspensions are made to order in the studio in France, and can always be made slightly special or slightly different to fit the interior they're meant for. I'm always up for a chat and enjoy producing lighting which really is made to measure and makes a space feel loved. They have been installed in homes, hotel lobbies, public buildings and restaurants. It's superb having breathtaking lighting in stairways and large double height areas, drawing you in to look up at the spaces. That's the point of these, - to make something with enough glow, movement and scale to produce a little wonder. They're also made to be durable: Like all of our other lighting these are made to last a long time, endure generations of moving and cleaning, and fashions coming and going. Any problems as any point in their life and I'll be happy advise on what to do, or fix them myself.

This statement lighting is made with care in UK and in our studio in France. Standard sizes and also made-to-measure pieces are made with pleasure for your particular project.