Wall lights

Wall Mounted Lamps

Do you ever feel like the centre of the room has oppressive light booming down and the edges of the space feel drab and gloomy? Wall-mounted lamps which go on the walls and glow on the walls can help! They can provide calming ambient lighting for a living room, and also be brilliant in the bedroom pointing down to your tea, biscuit and book.

It's important to have outdoor wall mounted lamps, they increase safety, they enable you to sit outside when it's dark, and make it easier to walk around your garden at night. As a bonus, they can give your garden a stunning glow. We sell a range of beautiful outdoor wall mounted  lamps that you can put on your wall outside and beautifully illuminate your garden. They can be fitted with no hassle and last for a very long time.

There are great wall lights for a general room-glow (which also make good soft lighting with a 2-4W LED bulb or even dimmer-compatible 7W-9W LED if you're using a dimmer). White for a neutral calm glow, Honey for a tempting warm corner and Teal Blue for a cool edge, - these wall lamps mounted high or low are great for adding edgy focus or ambience to kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms or front doors (some of these are IP44). Just get in touch if you have any questions on 0044 (0)8000 751 659. Cheers! Katty.