Bespoke Wall Mounted Lamps, Lampshades, and Contemporary Lighting Fixtures

At One Foot Taller, we sell a large variety of wall-mounted lamps and modern lighting fixtures online and across the UK

Wall Mounted Lamps

Wall-mounted lamps and bespoke lighting solutions have been popular for many years. Not only can they be a stylish and functional addition to your space, but they are very economical with the amount of space they take up. Interior and exterior wall-mounted lampshades are a clean and contemporary addition to any home or business.

Unique and Bespoke Lighting Solutions

Have you ever felt like the lighting fixture in the center of your living space doesn’t cast and distribute the light quite as well as it should? Is there too much of a contrast between the overpowered central light in the space compared with the dark and gloomy room edges that don’t quite get as much light as they deserve? Wall-mounted lamps and lighting offer the perfect solution to these problems.

At One Foot Taller, we see the value and the elegance that wall-mounted bespoke lighting solutions can offer a home. They can provide calming ambient lighting for a living room, and also be brilliant in the bedroom when you want to unwind with a cup of tea and a good book.

Outdoor Wall Mounted Fixtures

When it comes to outdoor wall-mounted lamps and lighting fixtures, they increase safety, enable you to sit outside when it's dark, and make it easier to walk around your garden at night. As a bonus, they can give your garden a stunning glow. We sell a range of beautiful outdoor wall-mounted lamps that you can put on your wall outside and beautifully illuminate your garden. They can be fitted with no hassle and last for a very long time.

Endless Lighting Possibilities

There are great wall lights for a general room glow (which also make good soft lighting with a 2-4W LED bulb or even dimmer-compatible 7W-9W LED if you're using a dimmer). White for a neutral calm glow, Honey for a tempting warm corner, and Teal Blue for a cool edge, - these wall lamps mounted high or low are great for adding edgy focus or ambiance to kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms or front doors (some of these are IP44).

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