History. A chronology of press, projects, awards, exhibitions and academic work.  




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Selection of Completed Projects


Ethel 12 drop for BSD, private client.

Ethel 6 drops for private client.


Cube and Bell installation on Brass legs, private client.

Lighting for Bo & Birdy at The Blythswood, Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow. Interior design by Graven, Glasgow.


Salmon Sculptures for Supertonic, installed at Barcaldine Hatchery, Scottish Seafarms Ltd.

Bespoke lighting throughout, Orkney house, private client.


Lighting for Graven, Indigo Hotel, Dundee UK.

Lighting for Daughter Café, York UK.

Lighting for Graven, University West of Scotland, UK.

Lighting throughout, Intuition Coiffure, France.

Bespoke statement lighting feature, design and production for Brilliant Lighting, Manor House Hotel project.


Bespoke lighting for Brilliant Lighting, private client project.

Lighting for Locher project, Italy.

Standard lighting for Into Design project.


Various glass lighting products for Bal project, private client, Japan.

Lighting for Desyllas project, UK.


Walnut furniture, Bearsden Primary School   ...   Meuble en noyer, Ecole Primaire, Bearsden

Oak storage, One Foot Taller   ...   Produits de rangement en chêne, One Foot Taller

Poplar ply flat pack home accessories (Hooks, napkin rings, doorstops, blackboards clocks, mobiles)   ...   Accessoires de maison, en peuplier contreplaqué



Lighting commission for Edinburgh University   ...   Projet éclairage, Université d'Édimbourg

Poplar ply coasters and trivets for OFT   ...   Dessous de verres et de plats, en peuplier contreplaqué

Christmas decoration mania OFT   ...   Décos de Noël, en peuplier contreplaqué



Outdoor lighting and planters, private client   ...   Projet éclairage et meubles extérieur, client privé

Pud, Chubb and Herbie planters for OFT   ...   Pots de fleurs, 'Pud' 'Chubb' et 'Herbie' pour OFT 

Virgin and recycled plastic lighting for OFT   ...   Luminaires, en plastique vierge et recyclé, pour OFT



Tennents lighting cubes   ...   Luminaires cubes pour Tennents

Waterjet cut aluminum homewares   ...   Accessoires de maison en aluminium

Range of hand made chopping boards using local wood, for OFT   ...   Gamme de planches à decouper fait à la main en bois local, pour OFT



'Gentle Distraction' pot stands and coasters   ...   Dessous de verres et de plats, 'gentle distraction'

Lighting for Marks & Spencer 'Refresh' Cafés   ...   Luminaires pour les cafés 'Refresh, Marks & Spencer UK

Waterjet-cut aluminium lighting for Appartamento Lago, Milan   ...   Luminaires pour Appartamento Lago, Milan, en alu, coupé à jet d'eau

Range of hand made cherry candle stands and salt and pepper shakers   ...   gamme de bougeoirs, salière et poivrière fait à la main en merisier local



Lighting for Al Furqan Mosque   ...   Luminaires pour le mosque Al Furquan

Lighting for Caerphilly Hospital  ...   Luminaires pour l'Hôpital de Caerphilly

Lighting for Supertonic Ltd  ...   Luminaires pour Supertonic Ltd

'A million mobiles' installation   ...   'Un million mobiles' installation

Designed ‘old and f(l)at forever’ products for One Foot Taller   ...   Design de la gamme ‘old and f(l)at forever’ pour One Foot Taller

Fastening products with Agripa Ltd   ...   Méthodes de fixation pour Agripa Ltd 



Special commission lighting for Buschow Henley Architects, St Benedict’s School   ...   Luminaires sur commande pour Buschow Henley Architects, École St Benedict’s

Lighting for Marks & Spencer 'Refresh' Cafés   ...   Luminaires pour les cafés 'Refresh, Marks & Spencer UK

Fastening products with Agripa Ltd   ...   Méthodes de fixation pour Agripa Ltd 



Theatre foyer interior including nesting ‘Creel’ mound seating, WLYT, Howden Park Centre   ...   Intérieur dans le Théâtre Howden Park, dont les chaises 'Creel'

Lighting products for One Foot Taller   ...   Luminaires pour OFT

Special commission lighting for SCHOOL   ...   Luminaires sur commande pour SCHOOL

Cube products for Stockbridge Library ... Luminaires sur commande, project bibliotheque Stockbridge.


Lighting for Glasgow Science Centre   ...   Luminaires pour Glasgow Centre de la Science 

Lighting products for One Foot Taller   ...   Luminaires pour OFT

Lighting for Lighting Sensations Ltd   ...   Luminaires pour Lighting Sensations

Lighting and electronics housings for Graven Images Ltd   ...   Luminaires et d'autres produits electriques pour Graven Images

Paper media display products for Direct Distribution Ltd   ...   Produits d'exposition des flyers, Direct Distribution

Lighting for Page and Park Architects   ...   Luminaires pour Page and Park Architectes

Special commission lighting and shelving for GB Library Services   ...   Luminaires sur commande pour GB Library Services



Polly Lampshade and floor lamps, for One Foot Taller   ...   Luminaires et abat-jours Polly, pour One Foot Taller 

Cube lamps, for One Foot Taller   ...   Luminaires Cube, pour One Foot Taller

Lighting for Graven Images, -various public buildings   ...   Luminaires pour Graven Images (plusieurs bâtiments publics)

Lighting for Gareth Hoskins Architects, -The Bridge   ...   Luminaires pour Gareth Hoskins, Architectes, 'The Bridge'

Public seating for wireless lounging, Princes Square   ...   Chaises publics wifi, pour centre commerciale de haut de gamme, 'Princes Square'



Lighting, and furniture and furnishings, The Local, bar  ...   Éclairage, meubles et décoration, The Local, Bar.

Lighting for Graven Images, The Opal Lounge   ...   Luminaires pour Graven Images, The Opal Lounge

Lighting for Graven Images, Glasgow projects   ...   Luminaires pour Graven Images, projets à Glasgow

Carol bench  ...   Banc, Carol

Design for toilets, Elgin High School, ‘Flat’ project   ...   Le conception des toilettes, collège 'Elgin High', projet 'Flat' 

Domestic interiors for private clients   ...   Interieurs particuliers, clients privés

Fastening products for Agripa Ltd   ...   Méthodes de fixation pour Agripa Ltd 



Lighting, various projects for Ultimate Leisure Ltd   ...   Éclairage, plusieurs projets d'Ultimate Leisure Ltd

Domestic lighting for Marks & Spencer PLC   ...   Projet 'luminaires' pour Marks & Spencer Plc

Interior design for The Botanic House Hotel   ...   Design interieur pour l'Hotel 'Botanic House'

Fastening products for Agripa Ltd   ...   Méthodes de fixation pour Agripa Ltd 



Storage for Habitat UK   ...   Produits de rangement pour Habitat UK

Storage for Marks and Spencer PLC   ...   Produits de rangement Marks & Spencer Plc

Domestic interior with Timorous Beasties for private client   ...   Collaboration avec Timorous Beasties, interieur, client privé

Outdoor seating for Grounds for Play   ...   Meubles publics, - chaises d'exterieur pour Grounds For Play

Fastening products for Agripa Ltd   ...   Méthodes de fixation pour Agripa Ltd 



Domestic interior with Timorous Beasties for Oceanic Developments   ...   Collaboration avec Timorous Beasties. Conception de l'interieur, client Oceanic Developments

Fastening products for Agripa Ltd   ...   Méthodes de fixation pour Agripa Ltd 



Interior Design, The Arches. Collaboration with Timorous Beasties   ...   Design de l'Interieur, The Arches (bar, restaurant, centre d'arts, théâtre). Collaboration avec Timorous Beasties.

Fastening products for Agripa Ltd   ...   Méthodes de fixation pour Agripa Ltd 

Domestic product for Plastic Mouldings Ltd, Glasgow   ...   Design d'un produit d'été pour Plastic Mouldings Ltd

Ethel lighting range, for One Foot Taller   ...   Luminaires et Abat-jours Ethel pour One Foot Taller



Jelly chair for Benchmarks, Glasgow   ...   Chaise 'jelly' pour Benchmarks, Glasgow

Product, graphics and packaging for 'ice-box'   ...   Produits et emballage projet 'ice-box'

Electrical kitchen product designed for MJD investments   ...   Projet produit-cuisine pour MDJ Investments

Interior of SOBA bar and restaurant   ...   Interieur - bar et restaurant SOBA



China Lamp   ...   Lampe 'China'

Interior of 'Strata', Glasgow. Collaboration with Timorous Beasties, Glasgow   ...   Interieur Design, Strata. Collaboration avec Timorous Beasties.

'Canyon' Rotationally moulded armchair and sofa for Homes for the Future exhibition   ...   Projet 'Canyon', chaise et canapé pour exposition 'Homes for the Future'

'Ravine' rotationally moulded chair, Nice House, Glasgow   ...   Chaise 'Ravine', pour Nice House, Glasgow

Console for Millenium Dome, Greenwich. Collaboration with Graven Images, Glasgow   ...   Produit d'interaction pour Millenium Dome, London



Pup chair for Timorous Beasties, Glasgow   ...   Chaise 'Pup' pour Timorous Beasties, Glasgow

Products for The Albion Hotel, Miami   ...   Produits pour l'Hotel Albion, Miami

Museum fixtures and fittings for MKW Design  ...   Produits de fixation pour MKW Design

Design of chasm chair for Nice House, Glasgow   ...   Conception de la chaise 'Chasm' pour Nice House Glasgow

Museum handset for Audio Visual Consultants   ...   Produit audio pour la compagnie Audio Visual Consultants

'Glasgow 1999' exhibition stand for 100% Design   ...   Stand d'exposition pour 'Glasgow 1999' à 100% Design London



Products for Lunch@Exmouth Market, London   ...   Produits pour 'Lunch@Exmouth Market', London

Project for Habitat UK, designing two ranges of kitchen storage   ...   Projet pour Habitat UK. Deux gammes de rangement pour cuisine



Products for project 'travelling exhibition' for Graven Images  ...   Produits pour Graven Images, projet 'Exposition Itinérante'

Display products for The Body Shop International Plc   ...   Produits pour The Body Shop International Plc



Table products for Shimla Pinks restaurant, Solihull   ...   Produits de table pour Shimla Pinks restaurant, Solihull

Concept design for uniforms, Mecca Bingo  ...   Design des vêtements pour Mecca Bingo 

Design of furniture and products for Java café ...   Design des meubles et produits pour café Java



Exhibitions, awards, events


Awarded ‘Scotland's Most Outstanding Lighting Store, 2020’. Lux Life Leading Designers Awards.


Timorous Beasties Shed: One Foot Taller Outsiders exhibition.


Exhibition, London Design Fair, UK.

Exhibition, La Sellerie Montréjeau, France.


Exhibition, London Design Fair.


One Foot Taller Exhibition, Timorous Beasties Shed.


Exhibition: Tent, London Design Fair, London Design Festival, London.


Maison et Objet, Paris.


Lago apartment exhibition, Milan. 


Maison et Objet exhibition, Paris.


The Scottish Show exhibition: Lausanne, Switzerland.


The Scottish Show exhibition 2007. The Lighthouse, Glasgow.

Design for China press conferences and talks: Beijing and Shanghai


The Scottish show. The Lighthouse, Glasgow.

Discussion panel with Jay Osgerby, Colin Burns and Arnout Visser on The Future of Furniture Design. The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.


Reception at Buckingham Palace, The Best of British Design.

The ‘Summer Garden’ exhibition. The Lighthouse, Glasgow .

The Scottish Show exhibition. Designers Block, London.

The Scottish Show. Exhibition, Milan.

Communicating(By)Design conference, Brussels. Talk on Design work for NiceHouse.


Big Brother 3: Ravine and Canyon Chair.


Designers Block exhibition, Milan


Made in Scotland exhibition. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Home Alone exhibition. The Glasgow Art Fair.

British Design exhibition, Stockholm


Chasm chair on exhibition. Design Museum, London.

Crafts Council: Industry of One Exhibition, London.

Spot On Exhibition, travelling.

Milan Fierra.


Discussion with David Mach on ‘Art versus Design’, The Glasgow Art Fair.

Peugeot Design Awards, winner.

Millennium Product Status given to Chasm chair.

Canyon chair. Homes for the Future exhibition, Glasgow.

Glasgow Collection, various exhibitions and projects.

One Foot Taller exhibition. The Lighthouse, Glasgow.

Lost and Found exhibition, British Council.


100% Design: Blueprint Editor's award

UK Style Exhibition

Totem Design exhibition, New York

British Council showcase on British Design, Prague

UK Style Exhibition


Shiny and New exhibition, San Francisco

Showing at ICFF New York


Start Up of The Year Awards, award for Innovation, The Glasgow Development Agency

Showing at first 100% Design show, London


Conran and Liberty awards for Best Exhibition at the Autumn Fair Birmingham.


Academic work 


Tutoring BA Hons and ME Des Product Design students at Glasgow School of Art.


Design workshops for school students, 'Make it in Scotland'.

Advisor: Mentoring projects, since 2003: Nesta Pioneer Programme, UK wide; Insight Out Programme, Glasgow; Difference by Design Programme, Stoke on Trent; CEO, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Design workshops for teachers and school students, with The Lighthouse, Glasgow.  


Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum, design workshop for 'Design Directions', 'UK with NY' festival  


Lighthouse, Glasgow: International design workshop for schools students

Cooper Hewitt, New York: Design workshop for school teachers

1998 to 2004

Annual one day lecture at Duncan of Jordanstone College, Dundee


Part-time tutoring at Cardonald College, Glasgow for HND and NC Product Design courses