Cables, Fixtures, Spares

Cables, Fixtures, Ceiling roses, Spares

Cables for pendant drop lighting with different colours of ceiling rose, choice of cable and lamp holders of different types and finish. These can be ordered in the sizes you'd like and in a range of colours of cable, with fixtures and fittings in brass silver black and white finish. Just get in touch if you don't see what you're looking for and I'll find a way to make it to order!

One Foot Taller's ceiling lighting fittings go from flush ceiling lights up against the ceiling to fixed drops of different lengths as well as cable pendant drops.

If you need ceiling light fittings, long or short, which don't swing in the breeze you've come to the right place, just go for the fixed drops.

Fixed drops can can be ordered at up to 1 metre lengths here in the shop. If you need longer lighting drops you can just get in touch to let me know the specific lengths you need for your space.

Whether it's for indoors or out, living room or bathroom we have contemporary simple ceiling light fixtures for you which won't date easily. The fixed drops and ceiling fixtures are especially useful as ceiling lights for a kitchen remodel (avoiding cables in a cooking environment is way better for cleaning).

Browse, but if you'd like to talk about your rooms please do! Use this link to the contact page for a telephone number and email address.