Table lamps for bedroom and living spaces

Table lamps. When do we need table lamps? In bedrooms of course bedside tables can have table lamps sitting all nice and cosy on them if there isn't wiring for wall lamps or crazy ceiling pendants to hang right down at a handy reading height. It's great to have a bedroom with beautiful lighting at the bed (for a little reading, breakfast in bed or gadget surfing). Also handy to have similar lighting in other corners of the room to give a warm-corners comforting vibe to the space.

That warm-corners thing can also be said for any living space. Any space at all in fact! These table lights both tall and very small can sit low in a corner, high on shelves, stand at just above seat height and even at head height which you can see if you nip over to 'floor lights'. They give a lived-in ambience, lifting up the edges of a room and keeping spirits up.

I recommend having at least 4 side lights -table / floor / wall lamps in a room, to give a full and alive feel to the space! Low wattage, using LEDS and using solar powered electricity if at all possible!