Etheletta 3-Drop Suspension


The 3-Drop suspension has a serene descending swirl of Etheletta, gently hanging in space bringing light and calm.

Beautiful, elegant pendant lighting suspended in stairwells as the view from above has the same aesthetic as from below. Also great for low ceilings since it’s shallow, has an aesthetic which expresses quality and gives off a diffuse light.

Dims for each diffuser: 420mm dia x 150mm high.

Overall dims 860mm diameter x 1425mm for the '400, 800, 1200' height. 

All heights can be shortened easily using the brass cordgrips at the top, eg 200mm, 400mm, and 600mm as shown in some of these pics.

Materials: Polyethylene and stainless steel, with plywood ceiling plate painted with water based paint.

For info on our favourite lamps / bulbs, see the WHICH BULB page.

One Foot Taller products are made in small factories and workshops in Scotland and France.

Delivery within 10-15 working days. Free of charge within Europe.

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