Ethel Inverse 3-Drop


This group of 3 Ethel Inverse lights floats effortlessly, with a glow lighting the ceiling above as well as the space below. 

Perfect over a table, or in an entrance hall and also great for spaces where you see them from above as they have an even diffused light from above.

Choose shorter lengths for a traditional table chandelier, the longer ones down a stairwell or if you have an especially high ceiling. 

Ceiling plate: 80cm diameter x 15mm thick plywood with 3 ceiling fixing points.

Drop lengths: choose either 200mm 400mm and 600mm, or 400mm 800mm and 1200mm. All drops can be shortened once in place, using the ceiling plate's cordgrips.


Each 'Ethel Inverse' diffuser measures 600mm diameter x 165mm high and so the overall max dimensions of this suspension are either 1260mm diameter x 840mm high, or for the longer version 1260mm diameter x 1440mm high.

Delivery time: Standard lead time 3 weeks from order to delivery. 

Delivery free of charge within Europe, £50 outside Europe.

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