Ethel 6-Drop Suspension


6 serene Ethels, gracefully winding their way down to greet you.

Perfect for a double height space or stairwell. They give plenty of light, an even diffused glow and a weightless feel.

Drop lengths to top of diffuser: 200mm 400mm 60cm 800mm 1000mm and 1200mm. 

Each diffuser measures: 600mm diameter x 165mm high

Ceiling plate: 800mm diameter x 15mm thick plywood with 3 ceiling fixing points.

Overall measurements: 1260mm diameter x 1470mm overall max height (including 60mm shadow-gap above ceiling plate for ceiling brackets).

Diameter between centres of diffusers: 660mm.

Min distance from top of ceiling plate to ceiling: 60mm.

Will make longer / different drop lengths and ceiling plate sizes gladly...just go to that contact page.

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