Ethel Standard 6-Drop


Six serene Ethel Standard diffusers gracefully wind their way down to greet you.

Perfect lighting for a double height space or stairwell. They give plenty of light, an even diffused glow and a weightless feel.

Drop lengths to top of each fitting: 200mm 400mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm and 1200mm. 

Each "Ethel Standard Lampshade"diffuser measures 600mm diameter x 165mm high, plus fitting 35mm.

Ceiling plate: 800mm diameter x 15mm thick plywood. 3 ceiling rigid fixing brackets for ceiling, giving a shadow gap of 60mm from ceiling.

Overall measurements: 1260mm diameter x 1470mm-1480mm overall max height (including 60mm shadow-gap above ceiling plate for ceiling brackets).

Diameter between centres of diffusers: 660mm.

Min distance from top of ceiling plate to ceiling: 60mm.

Fittings E14. For bulb recommendations please see the WHICH BULB page

Different drop lengths and ceiling plate sizes made gladly...just go to that contact page and decide how to get in touch.

One Foot Taller products are made in small factories and workshops in Scotland and France.

Delivery within 10-15 working days. Free of charge within Europe.

For delivery Outside Europe please CONTACT us with your address for a delivery quote.

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