The things we do

A little bit of what and why.

One Foot Taller has been a design-and-make cottage industry since its creation in 1995. Designing for others also, but mostly producing our own simple and elegant products either 'in-cottage' or with local producers.

For 10 years we've focussed just on lighting, - simple and elegant lighting.

Simple because in my mind when a product is simple and elegant it has a strength and universal balance which is nourishing, a beauty that will seem 'right' for a century or more, a beauty we can count on.

Simple also in production because we're a tiny business focussed on local artisans and factories, working with the technology that's good for small batch production and bespoke pieces. Using tried and tested technology we try to ensure that these products will last a long, long time.

There is not a lot of fancy packaging. There is no flashy instruction magazine, you won't find a velvet cushion in the box with the product and there will be as little in there as possible, with as much being recycled as possible.

You will get fine lines with wholesome detailing and handmade elements, made locally to our bases in UK and France, you'll get a good chat by email or telephone from the designer if you have queries, some installation help in person if I'm in the area and a 10 year guarantee.

This is a personal design set up with a personal feel.



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