Sanding bulbs

I find the text on beautiful lightbulbs a little annoying. I recently stared at a pretty decorative glass lamp (lightbulb) willing the gold text to disappear. And then it happened... I ran to the sandpaper drawer full of odd bits of old old sandpaper, many of which have been used until they are almost just paper (the best way to make extra-fine paper, so Will used to tell me). After checking that no-one was looking I sanded the base of my pearly mini-globe lamp and off came the text immediately revealing just a little bit of lovely light-shade pattern from the base of the filament inside. Still pearly.

Same happened when I tried it on a clear candle shaped one. Treat. Extra pretty lamps for 4 seconds of rub. I'm not saying that you are allowed to do it, (you might not know the wattage after, it might not be wise or conform to norms if you don't have a note of what it is). But I did, and it was nice. Of course I noted down the details elsewhere. Smashing.

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