New Etheletta Pendant Lampshade for low ceilings high ceilings, stairwells and reception halls

One Foot Taller announces new baby sister for Ethel... Etheletta!

To celebrate Ethel's 18th Birthday this year she's getting a new baby sister Etheletta!
Etheletta Pendant Lampshade, elegant contemporary lighting, One Foot Taller
Etheletta Pendant Lampshade above view
Etheletta Pendant Lampshade below view
Offering clean, impactful lighting and a sculptural statement for large interiors, the Ethel Lampshade has become One Foot Taller's best selling product since its creation in 2000. A pendant that shares the same ‘flatter-sphere’ design aesthetic as Ethel, but as its name suggests is a more compact product and great for smaller spaces.
Like the bigger Ethel, the Etheletta works as a single pendant, in an asymmetric cluster, regular multiple arrangement or mixed in groups ​with its big sister for a dynamic space. This new One Foot Taller creation offers flexibility, enhancing home, commercial, traditional and contemporary interiors to create the calm ambiance we often seek in this hectic old world.
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