News - special ones, prototypes, experiments, recycling and Fridays

Solid brass floor, table and standard lamp bases, plus wall lamps in a brushed or tarnished finish: being made to order at the moment. If you're keen on the idea of some Etheletta or Bell standing or wall lighting but don't see it on the website... get in touch!

Experiments with solar panels and battery modules are going well, charge amazingly, look great and are quite fun, quite funny those little outdoor charge-yourself mounds.

Recycled plastic - both interesting colours of flakes and powder for making 100% recycled products is coming along too. Must order some more samples...

Looking forward to finishing these more better one day once orders quieten down a little... or maybe just take Fridays for development fun! Yes, that's it, ha! Don't bother getting in touch on Fridays as I'll be deep in messing about (research and development).

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