Look what they made!

This is Jeni and Tim's Bell-6-fixed-ring extravaganza. I'm very impressed with this unique handmade piece of ceiling lighting. I sat in Jeni’s kitchen with her and a pencil, we did a little doodle, she chatted with Tim, they ‘wombled’ (FOUND) loads of bits of metal and they made it with their own bare hands and bare tools. Then they added the Bell diffusers when those had been made for them. Flippin Tadaa! Living room lighting that is fine quality lovely to look at and dimmable. When dimmed: Comforting relaxing and ambient with the warm handmade white glass diffusers and soothing light all around. When in full brightness: a great big useful light for actual seeing with direct broad downlighters. 

bell bespoke  bell bespoke lighting bell handmade ceiling fixture bell handmade ceiling fixture

bell bespoke bell handmade ceiling fixture

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