What's good lighting to use for hallways, - routes to other places? Well a pathway to somewhere else is a space in itself, - whether a long hallway, little reception space, half landing or enormous lobby. We always feel more comfortable if we don't feel lost and can plant ourselves somewhere, even if it's for a couple of seconds while we decide where to go next. I suggest (as well as a side table, seat or plant... or all three) having some high up lighting in one or two corners, some low down lighting in another one or two plus if there's space using decorative wall lights to warm up a wall or two with light washing over the walls and pointing up or down. Having different heights to your lighting is key to capping it feeling alive, and if it's a long space I'd always go for an odd number of lights on a wall rather than even. If in doubt, use 3! 4 often starts looking boring whereas 3 just has two sides and a middle. Somehow 5 is also more interesting than 4 to me.

In any case, keep some lighting at or near all of the corners and to light up interesting things (tables, paintings, plants) and make sure that some are high and some are low!

That way your space will look interesting and lived in, - even if people are lost they won't feel lost.

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