Interior Lighting Design, dos and don'ts for homes

This will be added to as time goes by and discoveries are made, but to start there are a few things that just make sense to me, so I would like to put them down...

DO have central pendant lighting as a feature. It doesn't have to be one completely central object in the room though, especially if there's a central high window next to it... you can have two pendants that fall either side of the window so that you don't block any beautiful views or cast shadows from that window during the day.

DO have lighting in or near all of the corners of your space... high and low so that they dance in the room. My preference is low lighting at the door as you enter, and high up at a far corner, -bringing your eyes and spirits up as you look further into the space.

DO have a way of switching all of the side lighting on at once so that they get used no matter how lazy you're feeling. Also so that they are simple to switch off when leaving. This could be a switch at the wall connected to the plug sockets, remote control for your lamps, a voice activated wifi system... there are even a few other more sophisticated integrated systems...

DON'T use very cold main lighting in a room unless you have a very specific cool look in mind and can stand the cool feel. 3000K or above is cold, and 2700K is a standard warmth, with 1800K being a very warm orange look ('vintage' or 'retro'are often used to describe this warm feel similar to that of a slow-burning fire). Cold lighting is good for working, or lighting outdoor spaces, even small details but feels unwelcoming, - it's cold! As an interesting side detail (lighting above and below kitchen cabinets, dappled feature on the ceiling, cluster of tiny droplets in a far corner) it can be very interesting. To me these bluey details seem to give the feel of snow at night or water, and that produces wonder, but I would never use it as the main lighting in a space. Use 3000K, 4000K and 5000K at edges or for small points of interest.


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