Friday's Exhibition install: De l'ombre à la Lumière July 14, 2018 23:56

Setting up the One Foot Taller exhibition at La Sellerie, Montrèjeau Office De Tourisme made for a van-packed fun-packed Friday. Thank goodness we were only given 3 hours to set up or I'd have taken 2 days measuring and remeasuring: Of COURSE I was having kittens, imagined it wasn't long enough. But oh yes, with JC and Q it was fast and funny! Up and down ladders... repositioning my cheeky measurements and shiny nuts... popped the last plug on with 10 minutes to spare... looks lovely, no bother! Even enough time for a Friday night drive-by shopping spree on the way to Sylvie's barbecue. Annnnnnnd relax.

Exhibition is now open and runs until 31st August 2018 at La Sellerie, Montréjeau Office de Tourisme, 6 Rue du Barry, 31210 Montréjeau, France. Tel 0033 (0)5 62 00 79 55.