Black Friday Cyber Monday - consumerism at its best... so what do we do?

I make an effort to only produce products which will last a lifetime... Products which don't go out of fashion, don't need replacing, are very hard to break (sturdy plastic and very thick strong glass) with loose parts which I can replace (then take apart and fix myself). Of course the plastic is fully recyclable, of course the glass is fully recyclable but even better NOW... NOWWWWW... There is a whole new 100% recycled plastic range tested and I've got some of the products listed! They're  easiest to see together in Recycled Lighting. Don't buy them in their millions and then throw them away, NO! Buy one or two and keep them forever, swap lights with your friends for a few years if you get bored. These products, made from sturdy, soft-enough-not-to-be-brittle polyethylene will probably last a few lifetimes before they need to be minced up and made into new lampshades (or boots or park seating or plastic bags or boxes or bins). I have only had experience of these actual products since 1999 when we first produced them: they've withstood hard sun, children, bashes, and lighting from within since then and the oldest ones are absolutely just as good as the day they were made, so I think that they'll manage another 60-160 yrs no problem. We will have to wait and see. Until then I will give lifetime guarantees for everything, with my only wish being that you DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY. If they break tell me, send them back and I'll replace them plus turn them into new lamps and lampshades! Yay yay yay! If you're feeling unsure and you'd rather buy 50 products that are on sale in BFCM sales then just don't. Use this code for 25 percent off and buy a lifelong friend with a guarantee from a small caring crafty-designer-make-trader-artisan business INSTEAD.


Cheers, Katty

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