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Whip Variety 3-Drop Suspension

Whip Variety 3-Drop Suspension

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Whip has telescoping forms and these ones move. Whip these telescopic diffusers out from shallow cones then push, pull, tilt, play with light and overlapping shadow that you've made.

Whip uses laser sintered nylon giving seamless forms and weave-like texture. This allows you to maneuvre the form while seeing fine concoctions of light and shade in its texture and layers.

Dimensions: Overall dimensions: 550mm dia x 860mm high

3 diffusers: 100mm dia x 110mm high; 140mm dia x 220mm high 440mm dia x 220mm high.

Cable drops: 200mm to plate, then 120mm, 220mm, 420mm. Other lengths produced free of charge up to 2m lengths. Please specify requirements by getting in touch via the contact page.

Of course new versions can be made to suit your interior, just send a message from the contact page.

One Foot Taller products are made to order, in small workshops in Scotland and France.

Dispatch within 3 weeks.

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