Waisted Wall Lamp Nylon


Inspired by the beauty of a long flaired dress with a slight waist, this NYLON version of the Waisted Wall Lamp is laser sintered, made to order in Belgium. The 3D printed nylon has a beautiful almost woven texture with a glow similar to porcelain.

It's compact with precise edges... and sitting tight up to the wall it can fit into all sorts of wall situations. Elegance and strength with the dainty poise of its wall perch give this wall lamp a fine feel.

Size: You choose! Minimum size 100mm dia x 150mm high... maximum 200mm dia x 300mm high.

Dims of product pictured:

Diffuser 100mm Dia x 150mm high

Overall 110mm deep x 220mm high

Standard lead time 6 weeks. This product's 3D model is produced to your sizes to order, made in Belgium and then in our workshop in France.

Delivery free of charge within Europe.

For delivery Outside Europe please CONTACT us with your address for a delivery quote.

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