Polly 4 and 6-Drop Suspension


4 or 6 cascading Polly pendants flow down a stairwell, a large entrance hall or reception room. Superb in spaces where you see them from above as well as below as they have a similar aesthetic from above and below. 

Photos just of a 4 drop at the moment until we get a 6-drop set up ... - soon, promise!

Drop lengths: 200mm, 530mm 860mm 1190mm 1520mm and 1850mm. All drops can be shortened using the ceiling plate's cordgrips if you find that you'd like them shorter once in situ.

Total height, 4-drop, ceiling to bottom of lowest shade: approx 1670mm (adjustable +/-10mm with shade rings)

Total height, 6-drop, ceiling to bottom of lowest shade: approx 2330mm (adjustable +/-10mm with shade rings)

Each Polly lampshade measures 450mm diameter x 375mm high.

Ceiling plate: 800mm diameter x 15mm thick plywood with 3 ceiling fixing points.

Spacer brackets for ceiling (with 3 ceiling fixing points): 60mm high.

Overall diameter: 1110mm

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