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Etheletta 5-Swoop&Loop

Etheletta 5-Swoop&Loop

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Cable Colour

Ethelettas make a fine drift when installed in a cloud-like cluster.

A 5-Swoop&Loop brings a warm glow to living spaces and a dreamy feel to bedrooms. 

The 'swoop&loop' technique gives a fine statement without too much installation fuss. It has a black ceiling cup as standard for the wiring (100mm Dia x 20mm cup with 1m cable drops). There are ceiling cordgrips included for positioning the cables. Braided cable available in Brown or Grey or Black.

Etheletta 5-Swoop&Loop uses 5 Etheletta lampshades, but if you’d like something different just choose the ‘no diffuser’ option and buy diffusers/ lampshades separately. Ethel, Polly or Bell all work well. You can even try an exciting combo - like the Ethel and Etheletta together in the final pic!

Comes with a paper template for hanging the four outer Etheletta so that they just about touch if the central one hangs lower. Go random if you like, (last-but-one pic with 4 Etheletta and 1 Ethel) or try 2 Etheletta (left and right) high, 2 (front and back) 7cm lower and the central one lower again  - see final pic)...Heights are easy to adjust with the brass ceiling cordgrips in the ceiling plate. 

One Foot Taller products are made to order, in small workshops in Scotland and France.

Dispatch within 3 weeks.

  • Material: Steel, Polyethylene with Stainless steel.
  • Finish: Opal White
  • Etheletta dimensions: diameter 420mm x height 150mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Wiring: Wired with 1m braided cables in Brown or Grey for UK and EU use. 
  • Lampholder: E14 fittings.
  • Bulb: E14. golf ball shape. LED lamp 5-9W. Frosted  Colour 2700K. 
  • Max Wattage: 20W LED.
  • Bulb: not included

    If you need modifications to suit your space get in touch !

    For further lamp and bulb info please see the WHICH BULB page.


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