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Ethel Solar Floor lamp

Ethel Solar Floor lamp

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A solar powered Ethel Floor lamp! Produces a great level of LED light, has easily controlled different hues, can be programmed to come on every night and this Ethel's light lasts reliably for more than 6 hrs every night.*

Full recharge in a day too, even with fairly dull light!

60cm diameter x 20cm high.

There's a choice of colours - change the lamp's mood as the day's mood develops. I prefer the blue-green in the morning, and orange or white at night but there's a range of 12 colours to choose from, as well as a couple of crazy colour-change modes.

Programmable for same time-slot every day. Just press 2H / 4H / 6H at the time you want it to come on and as long as the solar panel is dark enough (or the lamp's disconnected from the solar panel!) it'll do that every day at the same time.

At last an outdoor solar powered lamp which efficiently produces a useful and ambient light, -powerful charging with quality battery and good light reliable level.

So in an easy list - as well as being an elegant Ethel lamp this has:

  • Full solar recharge in a day
  • Bright light
  • Long lasting light
  • Programs to come on each day
  • Choice of colours
  • Connector to solar panel, - use day or night, outdoors or indoors

And a longer list! -

LED lighting 600 Lumens

Voltage: 6V

Watts: 4W

Battery Capacity: 5000MAH

Working voltage 3V/DC

Charging time: full charge 12H, 

Full working hours at 100% brightness: 10H

Full working hours at 25% brightness: 40H

Waterproof rating: IP66

You can leave the light outside as a garden light or bring it inside for solar powered, ecological ambient indoor lighting.

Dispatch within 3 weeks.

*Test carried out 2022 at One Foot Taller studios.

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