Ethel Standard Lampshade


Ethel, One Foot Taller's best selling shade. Elegant and durable, this pendant lampshade is also simple to install and fits well in a variety of spaces.

Serene when suspended in large spaces since the view from above has the same aesthetic as from below, - opaque flattened sphere without any holes, reminiscent of a pan drop.

Great for homes offices and retail spaces with low ceilings since it’s shallow, has an aesthetic which expresses quality and gives off a diffuse light.

For bulb recommendations please see the 'which bulb... quelle ampoule?' page.

Comes with attachment hole suitable for E27 fittings and a reducing ring for BC22 or E14 fittings.

Material: Polyethylene.

Dimensions: 60cm diameter in plan x 16.5cm high

Colour: Opal white


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