which bulb ... quelle ampoule?


Some advice on which lamps or bulbs to use.

Use LED lamps with a screw-in E27 or E14 fitting and a frosted glass or plastic outer bulb for diffuse light, or clear bulb with filament look or calex pearl dots if you'd like a more decorative look.

LEDs give off a much clearer, more pleasant light than CFLs (compact flourescents) and are more efficient than a lot of other lighting. E27 fittings seem to have the biggest choice available and they tend to fit more reliably than bayonet. E14 come in smaller sizes which can be very handy. Some LED bulbs are dimmable and some aren't, choose carefully if you have a dimmer. 

The Ethel and Polly Standard Lampshades have been tested for use with 100W incandescent bulbs but there is no need for incandescent these days. They use far too much electricity and give off plenty of heat which  will affect  the lifespan of fittings, cables and diffusers. I don't recommend using these older bulbs, but instead recommend an 'LED' (Light Emitting Diode) bulb (which gives off a good clear light). Use either E27 (also called 'ES' / 'Edison Screw') fitting or use reducers and E14 (also called 'SES' / 'Small Edison Screw') fitting with all Ethel Polly and Cube products. 

Ethel Lampshades needs a lamp which is no longer than 130 or 135mm total length for a nice even glow through the diffuser. 

The Waisted and Whip range use E14 fittings, and have a max 10W rating. E14 LED bulbs are available from IKEA (frosted), Philips (frosted or clear), Calex (clear) and many others.

Light levels.

Lumens are a measure of light given off. This table compares older incandescent with newer LED lamps, showing how many lumens the different wattages of lamp give off.lumens and LED incandescent comparison



Quelques conseils écologiques:

Il est recommandé d'utiliser des LEDs E27 (à vis), opaque. La lumière d'un LED donne de l’éclairage d’une qualité supérieure à l’éclairage des ampoules fluorescentes compactes (CFL). Un LED offre un démarrage immédiat à pleine luminosité. Pour les abat-jour Ethel il faut choisir une ampoule d'une longeur 135mm maximum, pour obtenir une lumière homogène.

Recommandation 1.

14W Philips Globe, ampoule à LED. Produit 1389 lumens, 96 lumens par Watt... Pas dimmable. Longeur 133mm, Largeur 70mm.

Recommandation 2.

11W IKEA LED, ampoule à LED. Produit 611 lumens, 57 lumens par Watt... Dimmable. Longeur 120mm, Largeur 60mm.             

Recommendation 3.

E14: Philips 5.5w CoreProLED Candle, ampoule à LED. Produit 520 lumens (94 lm per watt). Couleur: 4000K. Pas dimmable.

Recommendation 4.

E14: Philips 6W MasterLED Candle, ampoule à LED. Produit 470 lumens (75 lm/W), warm white, couleur 2200-2700 K. Dimmable.

Thanks to LED Benchmark for this information   ... Merci à LED Benchmark pour ces renseignements.