Polly Inverse Lampshade


Buy this lovely Polyethylene Lampshade and get the Braided Cable Pendant Drop HALF PRICE! Once you've added both of them to the basket, use discount code PENDANT50 at the checkout (the code should appear by magic if you've got both products in the basket).

Polly Inverse Lampshade is a classic lampshade with a contemporary feel. This nearly flat base with a glowing ring at its opening gives Polly Inverse poised calm. A comforting light diffuses the room through the material and directly down through the hole, making it fantastic for any space but ideal for workspaces and reading areas. Dining and living spaces benefit from the gentle light, and it's been used in cafés for a modest and airy feel.

Materials: Polyethylene, virgin natural

Dimensions: 450mm dia x 375mm high

For bulb recommendations please see the WHICH BULB page.

Comes with attachment hole suitable for E27 fitting plus reducer in UK to fit B22 or E14 fitting. Buy a cable drop or drop or rigid drop to make the lampshade into a complete suspension fitting.

One Foot Taller products are made in small factories and workshops in Scotland and France.

Delivery within 10-15 working days. Free of charge within Europe.

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