Ethel-Etheletta Swoop&Loop


Ethels and Ethelettas make a fine drift when installed in a cluster.

A 5-Drop Swoop&Loop will celebrate dinner, light up breakfast and bring a warm glow to living spaces. Ethel-Etheletta 5-Drop uses 1 Ethel and 4 Ethelettas.

The 'swoop&loop' technique gives a fine statement without too much installation fuss. It has a black ceiling cup as standard for the wiring (100mm Dia x 20mm cup with 1m cable drops). There are ceiling cordgrips included for positioning the cables, which you instal using our instructions and template, or even decide on your own ceiling positions.

You can choose the 'no diffusers' option if you've decided on a different combination of Ethels and Ethelettas.

If a 5 Drop is not for you, then get in touch and we can work out a configuration that suits your space.

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