Whip 100-130 3-Drop Suspension


'Whip' these telescopic diffusers out from shallow cones then push, pull, tilt and play with them in order to produce your own kind of light and overlapping shadow.

Whip uses laser sintered nylon giving fine seamless forms and weave-like texture. This allows hands to maneuvre the form while eyes explore the  light and shade through texture and layers.


3 diffusers, each one 100mm DIA x 130mm H

Ceiling Plate: 170mm Wide x 400mm Long x 15mm Thick.

A line of 3 drops, 140mm apart, centred on the ceiling plate.

Cable drops: approx 75mm from ceiling to underside of ceiling plate, then 1000mm to top side of each diffuser These can all be shortened on site using the cordgrips on the ceiling plate. Longer lengths produced free of charge up to 2m lengths. Please specify requirements by getting in touch through the contact page.

Delivery time: Standard lead time 6 weeks from order. 

Delivery free of charge within Europe, £50 outside Europe.

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