Ethel-Etheletta Swoop&Loop


Ethels and Ethelettas make a fine drift when installed in a cluster. The Ethel-Etheletta 5-Drop uses 4 Ethelettas and 1 Ethel, but you can request a different combination and we will oblige.

There could be all sorts of quantity of drops but the one we'd like to show is a 5-Drop to start... 3-Drop will follow as soon as the photos are done, - all in a line... and out in a sway!

Think of all of those dining tables looking for a simple 3-Drop or 5-Drop Swoop-and-Loop to celebrate dinnertime and light up breakfast.

The 'swoop and loop' technique can give a fine statement without too much installation fuss, - we send it over with just a standard antique-brass finish or matt-black ceiling cup for all of the wiring (100mm Dia x 20mm with 1m long cables), and you pop the hooks in the ceiling where you'd like them, (or you can use our nice brown paper template for your hook positions).

Ethel-Etheletta 5-Drop uses 4 Ethelettas and 1 Ethel, -you can ask for a different combination in a note before or after ordering and we will do it! -Will send a confirmation in writing first so that you're sure we got the message.

If a 3 or 5 Drop are not for you, then get in touch, we can work out a configuration that suits your space by email and phone.

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